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Living Room Makeover

Living Room after

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The client who lived in the Southern Shire of Sydney contacted me after some time of trepidation regarding professional advice on decorating their living room.

They had built their home some 20 years ago and the main living area was a little worse for wear after several attempts to keep up with the constant use by grandchildren and family pets. The choice of pale colours for the module lounge and carpet highlighted the need for upgrade, one that kept in mind the tones and feel of the whole house.

The bones of the room were attended to first skirting and architraves were added and the veneer shelving and storage unit were painted to match the existing shutters. The dated fireplace removed and painted in with the walls. The selection of carpet was very important, a sisal wool two tone weave bringing together the subtle beige/browns. The brief was to refurbish the large modular and replace the coffee table, keeping the room as uncluttered as possible. The finding of the original Art Deco armchair was the catalyst I needed. The selection of textiles and accessories became an enjoyable experience and journey for my client as we quickly agreed on colour and collectables that transformed their living room.


It was a wonderfully positive outcome!! Room is fabulous so happy with it and except for Trish I probably would never have picked the colour for the walls - I have always tended to go for more pale neutral colours - so glad Trish came up with Dulux 'Dreyfus' - same for brown lounge - probably would not have picked to go with a brown lounge but once we saw some of the fabrics it all just seemed to go so well together. A big thank you for introducing me to Orient House, Glebe where we got the coffee table and several of the other lounge room pieces. Same for the unique cabinet handles - would never have found them and they go so well, I love it all.

I enjoyed working with you and thanks for all the little 'tips' that you gave me.

Photographer - Anthony MacBean
Photo stylist - Trish Hurst