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Family Home

Family Home

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A complete decorating make-over for a large 7 bedroom home, the challenge was to work around the original building basics - shutters where installed in the kitchen and family room. A pleasurable experience transforming a wonderful home for a busy corporate couple with three teenage boys.


"When we bought our new home we knew that our current furniture would not be suitable and we did not like the interior style of the house as it was. We found Trish on the internet and started what was to be a very RAPID design, selection and deployment of our new interior design. Trish was amazing. She came to our rescue, listened to what we had to say, found us lots to choose from. She got it delivered on time, managed trades people when necessary and made it all happen.
One thing that Trish did better than anyone I have met was to get it to flow and know what will go with what. Her eye for colour is remarkable."

Photographer - Anthony MacBean
Photo stylist - Trish Hurst